Bombbar is a leading manufacturer of healthy products with an international presence in over 20 countries. Bombbar integrates nutrition with distinctive tastes, supporting healthier lifestyles without compromising on flavour.

Our product range includes protein snacks, toppings, confectioneries, sports nutrition, ice cream, supplements, and beverages, all made from natural ingredients and without added sugar.


The Bombbar production area spans more than 47,000 m², which includes 11,000 m2 of warehouse space and 12,000 m² dedicated to manufacturing facilities, producing over 640 tonnes of bars each month.

We use only premium raw materials sourced from Belgium and Switzerland and produce our chocolate in-house with a unique sugar-free recipe.

All our products are ISO-certified and lab-tested to deliver the best quality.


  • Healthy Nutrition Awards in the category "Functional Nutrition Prize"
  • Eastern European and Russian Bodybuilding Cup
  • Samson Fitness and Bodybuilding 
  • Stack3D Brand of the year, Las Vegas, Nevada 
  • Functional Nutrition Brand of the Year by Stack3D, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Stack3D, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Winner of the AIF CITY Status Award in the Functional Nutrition Category