Do you need L-carnitine? Opinion of a fitness expert Bombbar.

Do you need L-carnitine? Opinion of a fitness expert Bombbar.

Nov 27, 2023Ijas Np

Bombbar fitness expert and TV presenter Eduard Kanevsky spoke about when to use the L-carnitine supplement in order to work as efficiently as possible.

Most people who buy fitness club memberships want to lose weight by reducing body fat. And this applies not only to those who are really obese, but also to those who have a few extra pounds, which visually make the figure less prominent.

And all these people have one thing in common: the desire to get results as quickly as possible. But weeks pass, sometimes months, and the “relief” is still not visible, and the body weight goes away somehow slowly! Why? Let's find out!

The first and one of the main mistakes is not enough regular cardio or aerobic training, as well as their duration and intensity. The fact is that it is during such exercises that our body uses subcutaneous fatty tissue - fat as an energy source for working muscles. But in order to start this biochemical process, it is important to give the load correctly! What does it mean?

It is necessary to train not just like that, but strictly according to the pulse in the “fat burning zone”, which determines whether you are doing the right thing or not.

How to calculate this fat burning zone:

to do this, you need to take the benchmark - 220 - and subtract your age from it. The resulting amount must be multiplied twice - first by 0.6, then by 0.8.

For example, a girl at the age of 30: 220 - 30 = 190; 190x0.6 = 114 and 190x0.8 = 152. The figures obtained - from 114 to 152 beats per minute - this is the "fat burning zone" for a particular person. It is necessary to carry out any cardio training strictly within these indicators. If the pulse is below the minimum zone, then the load is simply not enough. If the pulse is higher than the maximum, then the load is excessive and close to sports. Moreover, many simply can not withstand such a rhythm.

So, take the average (in this case, it is about 135-145 beats per minute), and in this zone, do the main part of the workout.

And it’s not so important what kind of simulator you are doing, the main thing is to monitor the pulse.


But it is important to understand that such training should be at least three times a week, and the duration of the session should be forty-five minutes.

As soon as you start doing cardio regularly and correctly, you can safely connect Bombbar L-carnitine to your workouts twenty minutes before class!

Why just before cardio?

The fact is that L-carnitine only works when you train in the fat burning zone. And during strength training, you do not create conditions for the supplement to work. L-carnitine speeds up the metabolism in fat cells, which explains its effectiveness during exercise.

As for the dosage, Bombbar has it optimal: 3500 mg per serving. All you have to do is pick the flavor you like and start exercising regularly by taking the pre-workout supplement like I said before.


The main thing is not to forget that the effect of any workout can be easily leveled if you do not follow the diet as a whole. Here it is important to significantly reduce the amount of carbohydrates, especially simple sugars; increase the amount of foods rich in fiber (any vegetables), as well as drink enough clean, drinkable water without gases and dyes.

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