Protein is a chemistry? Let's figure it out together with fitness expert Bombbar!

Protein is a chemistry? Let's figure it out together with fitness expert Bombbar!

Nov 27, 2023Ijas Np

Bombbar fitness expert and TV presenter Eduard Kanevsky told us what protein powder is and why you need it.

Sports nutrition in Russia has existed for more than thirty years. And when it was just starting to appear, most people were sure that it was all “chemistry” that was hazardous to health. In fact, in those early years, sports nutrition could really harm health, more often poisoning, since a large number of products were outright counterfeit. Yes, and it was sold literally in several stores in Moscow.

Nowadays, there are no such risks anymore, and the phrase “sports nutrition” does not cause any rejection among the townsfolk. Although there are still those who are sure that if sports nutrition is not harmful, then it is still “chemistry”. They think that the raw materials from which I make products are created artificially. Let's break this myth with the example of the most popular type of sports nutrition - whey protein from Bombbar.

What is a protein? This is the scientific name for protein, an organic compound that is made up of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur, and nitrogen. All of our tissues, including muscles, are made up of protein. When a person trains regularly to increase muscle mass, he needs more building material, which is protein (protein). With intense training, the body's demand for protein from food grows to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. It is quite difficult to get this norm from ordinary products, since you need to eat all the time. It was in order to close the request for protein and not overload the digestive system that protein powder was invented.

So how is it made?

Everything is simple.

In production, they take milk whey, which is cleaned of everything superfluous, and the resulting powder is simply packaged in packages. No chemistry. Natural flavors are added for taste, and you get a delicious drink.

Everything is very simple.

It was not in vain that I mentioned that it is better to consume protein two, sometimes three times a day, depending on your loads and diet, but not more often! After all, neither protein nor any other type of sports nutrition replaces traditional meals, they only complement them!

It is also important for every hundred grams of protein consumed per day to drink at least a liter of clean, drinking water. This is necessary for the normal absorption of protein and the proper functioning of the kidneys.

By the way, Bombbar protein shakes not only have excellent composition and absorption characteristics, they are also very tasty. It is suitable for those who constantly train and those who are just looking for a healthy snack! Yes! With Bombbar Protein Powder, you can make great protein milkshakes that even kids can do. So feel free to use your protein powders and other Bombbar products. It is whey protein that is an option that is well absorbed by our body, so it is better to give preference to it.

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